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Cutting Edge Training Reveals...
How To ‘Rewire’ Your Mind In 3 Simple Steps To Have Unbreakable Daily Focus, Discipline Of Elon Musk with Fearless Confidence...To Achieve Your Dream Business and Lifestyle At Lightning Speed!
Developed by Forbes Coach, Andy Murphy, The 8 Figure Thinker webinar will show you the 
ultimate 3-step ‘mind hack’ to automatically turn on peak mental state and performance to 
radically shortcut your business success in less than 8 weeks...
In This EPIC Masterclass, You Will Discover:
  • Rapidly redesign your beliefs, focus, feelings, and memories… and retrain your Neurology for true world-class performance in your business, career, and life!
  • Step Into Your Peak Mental State. Close Any Client. Be Able To Choose To Stay Stable And Calm Under The Most Amount Of Pressure.
  • Know WHY your brain is holding you back from Full Acceleration and exactly what to do to get the results you want.
  • Know the exact change you must make for laser focus and installing world-class beliefs (Hint: It’s all about hacking into the ‘Gmail’ of your brain!)
  • Re-Wire The Fear-Based Patterns Stopping You From Rising To A Higher Monthly Income
  • Get Unstuck From Your Current Level Of Income, Increase Your Income by 50% in Less than 8 Weeks, Using This One Simple Mindset Shift! 
  • How To Create Instant Focus So You Can Build Your Business FASTER Stay Laser Focused All Day.
  • Start To Scale Your Business The SIMPLE Way. 
  • Create Instant Focus So You Can Build Your Business FASTER Stay Laser Focused All Day..
  • Install Automatic Behaviors That Keep You Moving Towards Growing Your Company even if you feel a little down
  • Easily Stop Giving Your Attention To Areas of Your Life and Business That Don't Support Your Goals.
  • How to be in peak state on demand, every time you need it, regardless of your circumstance and what kind of whirlwind is going on around you.
  • Control Your Life. Be On Fire Everyday You Wake Up. Guaranteed.
  • The fastest and easiest and best way to accelerate your performance in ANY business. Period.
  • Become BULLETPROOF in ALL Situations & Leave Negativity By The Wayside!
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Hosted by
Andy Murphy
World Leading Expert In NLP, Neuroscience & Peak Performance
For 7 & 8 Figure Entrepreneurs 

John Heffron

“At first I thought Andy had superpowers then I learned NLP is science. I used Andy to get me ready for a big TV shoot I was doing. I wanted to make sure I didn’t get in my own way. The day of the shoot I was calm and confident. I also use his techniques every-time I walk out on stage and it has changed my mental state 100%. If you have ONE big day or Everyday stuff. Andy is your guy.”

Ben Greenfield

"Mindset is everything. After competing for over 10 years as an athlete in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, I know for sure that you can have all the physical preparation you need, but if you have not worked as hard on your mindset then you will never be able to create consistency or go as hard as you need to when the going gets very hard. So I use Andy’s NLP anchoring system during the toughest moments of my races to give me that explosion of belief and acceleration in the most painful moments of pressure. If you want to create world-class motivation and mental performance that translates to physical performance, Andy is your man ."
"Andy has been a total life saver for me. As my business has been exploding the added stress of managing its growth, new staffing, maintaining a loving family and a healthy lifestyle has been much more of a struggle then I anticipated. Andy gets me grounded, brings my focus back to the important things by putting matters in the proper perspective."
Jason Katzenback
Premier Leader in Amazon 7-Figure Selling Systems
"I want to give a massive testimonial to my good friend Andy Murphy, his skills and talent when it comes to making you reach your highest potential is truly phenomenal and he is also one of the nicest people I know! If you’re in business, sports or any field where you want to take your game and earnings to the highest level and perform at your peak, then you have to work with."
Saj P
Internet Millionaire
Your NLP & Peak Performance Mentor
Hey, my name is Andy and after leaving left Liverpool, England 12 years ago and traveled to Sydney, Australia, I discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming working in sales and marketing.

At the age of 26, I developed a project to build a $100 million resort in the Fiji Islands. After marketing the company over in Dubai alongside multi-billion dollar developments, the global real-estate industry began to slow down.

Wanting a new challenge, I changed my focus and took my knowledge and expertise of NLP into the world of consulting and coaching.

I’ve showed thousands of people from all around the world how to do the same though our official Peak performance programme “The 8 Figure Thinker”  

This year I decided to release my mindset systems to the world! - AFTER 15 Years!! To help more and more people like you level Up and reach an Abundant, High Performance Thinking, FREEDOM Lifestyle. 

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